Many families add a conservatory to their home as a cost effective way to get extra space. While in the past conservatories tended to be used sporadically, nowadays people want to use them all year round – as a sunroom, playroom, office space, dining room, or lounge area.

The problem is that a traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof can make your conservatory very warm in the summer but quite cold in the winter. Not to mention noisy when it rains too!

Our stylish and innovative Guardian Roofs are more insulating than glass or polycarbonate roofs and a cost effective alternative to traditional roof tiles.

Guardian Roofs offer a range of additional benefits:

• They can be added to existing conservatories, designed and fitted to suit any layout.

Temperature regulation
• Adding a Guardian Roof will make your conservatory up to 90% warmer in winter and keep it cooler in the Summer.

Hassle-free installation
• A Guardian Roof generally takes 7 days or less to install

Home transformation
• A Guardian Roof can turn your existing conservatory into a fully useable room – maximising its use.

Noise reduction
• Compared to a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof, a Guardian Roof drastically reduces the noise from wind and rain.

Cost effectiveness
• Installing a Guardian Roof is proven to reduce your heating bills.

Energy efficiency
• A Guardian Roof can be 10 times more efficient than glass or polycarbonate solutions

At Amazon Windows, our Guardian Roofs come with a 40 year guarantee. Stop by our showroom in Fleet or visit our website to find out more about how a Guardian Roof could transform your home!