Usually for larger, non-rectangular areas, the combination style takes elements from other conservatory styles to create a unique addition to your home. Make the most of the views of your garden by incorporating a bay or a ‘T’ shaped conservatory – the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.

Conservatory Base & Walls

  • All walls are cavity insulated
  • All bases are steel mesh reinforced
  • All bases are insulated with Celotex insulation board
  • Bricks will always be matched as close as possible to host wall

  • Doors & windows manufactured from the Duraflex system
  • Our windows and doors will not discolour, age-harden, crack or be affected by extremes of temperature and are maintenance-free
  • All mitred joints are reinforced with box section extruded aluminium or galvanised steel
  • The sealed units are constructed with a 28mm thickness with two 4mm thick glass panels. This helps to reduce heat loss and keeps outside noise to a minimum
  • All glass used in our conservatories is safety-toughened complying with BS 6206
  • All PVC-u panels are reinforced
  • When a window is opened, it stays where you want it, due to the adjustable stainless steel friction stay hinges
  • Door hinges are high tensile steel with anti-drill barrels
  • Roofs are constructed from load-bearing aluminium components covered with maintenance-free PVC-u and multiple wall polycarbonate or toughened glass as required for insulation
  • Flashings are completed in code 4 lead
Product Options

  • We also offer Solar Controlled glass, which is a revolutionary new product with superior heat retention and reflection properties
  • Manual or electric glazed opening roof vents available
  • Polycarbonate roofs are available in all configurations
  • Triple glazing is also an option for the side wall windows but this cannot be fitted to opening hinged doors
  • All windows have the option of multiple security points. Options can include four-point steel bolt locks conforming to BSI PAS 0II standards and two sac bolts which secure the back of the windows
  • Manual or electric internal blinds available in all glazed units
  • There is a choice of standard or low door thresholds

  • Brilliant White
  • Standard White
  • Standard Woodgrains – Mahogany, Rosewood, Golden Oak
  • Prestige Woodgrains – Irish Oak, Antique Teak, Rustic Cherry, Soft Cherry
  • Solid Colours – Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Cream, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Chartwell Green, White
  • All foiled using Eco Friendly lamination, without the use of hazardous solvents

  • Doors are all fitted with a multi-point locking system listed in the association of British Insurers Guidelines. They can comprise of two hooking shoot bolts, one security latch and a five-lever dead lock
  • High energy rating and weather performance
  • Various pitches available:
    – Victorian/Edwardian between 15 and 40˚
    – Lean to between 5 and 30˚
    – Bespoke low pitch lean to between 2.5 and 5˚